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LoLReplay is a tool to record your past League of Legends matches
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LoLReplay is a handy tool developed by independent developers to record your past League of Legends matches. The program works in the background, recording every game that you play, so you don't have to worry about pushing any 'record' button. It also offers an ability to create an online account, to which you can upload your replay files, to be accessed on other computers.

The program offers many advantages over recording your matches with a screen recording tool. One of them is the low system resources use when the program is active, which makes the performance of the game virtually the same as if the replay recorder was not running. Other advantage is that, the replay file will take a few megabytes of hard disk space, compared to hundreds (and even thousands) of megabytes a typical full screen video could take for just a single match. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that once you are in the replay, you can move the camera around the map freely, to see what is happening in other areas of the map, something that a video-recorded replay obviously could not do.

The program also offers the ability to create an account on the , to which you can upload your replays, and you can share them with the community, as well as download replays from other people to watch and learn.

The program uses the League of Legends game engine, which means that the performance of the replay will be exactly the same as the normal performance of your League of Legends matches.

There have been bug reports from certain users, which the developers attribute to being due to the latest game updates to League of Legends, so it is strongly recommended to always check for the latest version of LoLReplay to make sure your replay will not have any of these problems.

The program has been reviewed and recommended by Riot Games, developers of the game. If you are a LoL fan, you should definitely give it a try.

Gabriel Terrazas
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  • Runs in the background, minimal use of resources
  • Auto-save of every match you play, as long as the program is left open
  • Replay files are only a few megabytes in size
  • Uses the League of Legends game engine


  • Bugs, due to the League of Legends game being updated frequently
  • LoLReplay not being updated as frequently as League of Legends, which can cause trouble playing past replays on the latest version of the game
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